In this assignment, you will develop a written communication for the challenge
or opportunity scenario you have identified (in the attached Communication Plan). The written message needed to
fulfill this assignment will depend on your scenario.

Compose a written communication based on your Strategic
Communications Plan (ATTACHED).

a) State your key message clearly and professionally–
i. Do not “bury the headline” — the main point should be
presented directly
ii. Your key message must be clear and concise
iii. Build rapport with your readers

b) Provide the necessary information and build credibility–
i. Provide an appropriate amount of background
information for the audience, given the type of
ii. Get to the point without unnecessary verbiage
iii. Build your position as an expert or trusted colleague

c) Support your key message with three or four supporting–
i. Supporting points should be appropriate for the context
and needs of the audience
ii. Reasons should be compelling and relevant

d) Employ either the Consult/Join or Tell/Sell techniques–

e) Clearly relay to the audience an actionable request–

-This assignment is based on the attached assignment, but is in no way a copy or rewrite.
-This is a fictional scenario, so feel free to make up information for parts that have not been previously established in the attached document.


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