Select one of the cases highlighted in the article, I Swear! From Shoptalk to Social Media.  Summarize the case.  Present an analysis of the case, including how this fits into the laws concerning social media use in the workplace.

Write a 500 word analysis of the assigned issue.  A 500-words paper means that your writing must be tight, concise, and pointed.  This is approximately a page and a half double-spaced.  Submit in Word – not PDF no Pages:  WORD please.  Consult the NLRB web site (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. for factual information on the use of Social Media in the workplace:
(cut and paste url to browser if link above does not work:
The writing should cite at least one other outside source (and that source MUST NOT be Wikipedia).  The source  MUST NOT be an article that was required in the course.  There are many other resources available.  Your sources must be credible – an article from an academic journal, for example, or a newspaper article.  You may use web sites, but be sure to select sites that meet criteria for academic research.,  The strength of your source(s) is an important part of your analysis, and your grade.  Include a Works Cited page in MLA or APA format.
The paper should have an introduction, body, and conclusion.  Show your understanding of the topic through analysis of what we have learned in the course, what you have read outside of the course (the source(s)), and what you conclude is the answer.


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