Please use one or more of the readings provided below to develop an argument about the topic and question. The thesis or the main idea that you develop should be arguable. There are sample essays in the attachments too if you need.
Choose either question 1 or 2 to write an argument. The citations should include exact page number.

Topic: Koryŏ Literature and Mid-Koryŏ Historiography

1. How can Koryŏ literature tell us more about the period?
2. Did Kim Pu-sik miswrite history, and did he subsequently end up betraying Korea?

Readings that can be used:
For Question 1:
Reading 1: Peter H. Lee, comp. and ed., “Koryŏ Dynasty, 918-1392,” in Anthology of Korean Literature: From Early Times to the Nineteenth Century, 43-69.

For Question 2:
Reading 1: Edward J. Shultz, “An Introduction to the Samguk sagi,” Korean Studies 28 (2005): 1-13.
Reading 2: Hyung-Wook Kim, “Construction of Koguryŏ Lineages in Historical Memoirs during Koryŏ,” unpub.
manuscript, 2012.


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