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Reasons why I want to leave my job. when I am not at work, the person I work with holds work so that when I get back I can do it. even though the work was left for her to do. ( I’m in patient care) She is spreading rumors around the clinic to people and patients that I do not work nor help her out ( that’s not true) she lies about the work she has to do so she does not get put in a different area then her own. She book people in my area that she doesn’t want to work with to make her days easier. Or she will over schedule her room to force people to help. if I am running behind ( I schedule one room only) I never get help. she always says she not going to do stuff and I left to do more work than I can handle 5 minutes before we have to walk out the door. I get told that I have 5 minutes to handle it. When she knows that she will not be there  she will schedule 4 rooms. when I talk to supervisors about it they do not believe me. I have witnesses. there is another person that was working with her that did not want to work with her anymore and that why I am working there. I am not the only one with the issue. I feel like moving to a MSA ( front desk) will be a great move and I am highly skilled in that area and will be a great asset in that area.


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