BUSN316 Forum: 275 Words

Forum Prompt:

Choose one of the businesses listed below and evaluate its chances for success.  Be sure to include authoritative sources from your research that supports your conclusion? Include market niche targeted, advertising or signage requirements, business location considerations, employee skills and/or training requirements, a rough estimate of the initial investment, and an estimate of the time frame to start up.

A.. An organic juice company with retail stores located in large malls that also manufactures and distributes from a start up position in San Antonio, Texas.


B. A Major League Professional Soccer franchise in Miami, Florida


C. An internet distribution business for high-end coffees, teas, herbal drinks, and specialty soft drinks


D. A new franchise opportunity for gourmet subs & salads

ENTR311 Forum: Bell’s Coffee Bistro

This is your opportunity to share with the class your mission through your elevator pitch. Be creative! For this presentation, you can use a PowerPoint with voice-over or you can create a short YouTube video, or use any other tool you would like. You must have audio and visual.

Describe your company’s philosophy in terms of the areas listed below:

Nature of your product or service offered
Overall relationship
Management style/relationship to employees
Nature of work environment
Relationship to the rest of the industry you are in
Other new areas of development, growth
Profitability goals
Relationship to community/social responsibility goals
Other personal goals.
Compile this information into a 60-second to 90-second pitch.

In addition to posting a link to your pitch, complete the following narrative for your text posting:

Explain how you determined what industry your venture belongs to
Explain why the potential customers are YOUR potential customers
Explain why you believe the competition is YOUR competition
Include how you will use the four Cs: control, challenge, creativity, and cash

Have some fun with this!

60-second to 90-second pitch script


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