Go boldly case analysis
your case analysis report should use APA page format (e.g. one-inch margins, 12-point type, and Times New Roman font). Please include double spacing between lines, a title page, and a page number at the bottom. The report must be a minimum of two pages in length (content does not include title page or reference page) and should include: problems/issues facing the organization, possible solutions, a recommended solution, and expected outcomes. Do not repeat the facts provided by the case study. Focus ALL of your writing and analysis attention on the communication aspects of this case in writing your report!
NOTE: Although you are expected to read critically in this course, here is the key to writing this case analysis report. This article is not sequential. The first paragraph is the final event in the timeline of the case study, as well as the starting point for your analysis. Your assignment is how Providence should build upon the improvements that have already taken place. ]


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