Provide critical discussion on each of the following materials based on critical consciousness requirement in the word document below
1. Harro: Cycle of civilization (see the attachment) 
200 words
2. Microaggression
200 words
3.  Myers Briggs Assessment for Multiple Identities Project
50 words
4.  Lorde, There Is No Hierarchy of Oppression (in the attached document)
300 words
5.  Video: The DNA Journey
200 words
6.  Video: The Complexity of Identity: Who Am I?

150 words
7.  Video: The Bad Samaritan
200 words
8.  Video: The Story of Miep Gies
150 words
9.  Video: Tour of the Secret Annex
100 words
1,600 words
at least 8 sources cited using APA 
at least


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