Your response should be in the 1st person (using “I”) and should be personal. I want to hear what it made you think/feel, what excited you about it or made you upset. I am looking for you to reflect on what you heard and how it influenced your thinking. I want to hear about what you thought about the artists work, your thoughts about how they talked about it, their influences, process, etc… Maybe it brought up questions? Maybe they talked about something you’ve never hear of before? Maybe it made you excited about making art?

Your response should include your opinions about what the artist said and about their work, but please explain why you feel the way you do. I do not want to read: “I do not like the artist’s work.” Without an explanation of what you don’t like and why you don’t like it.

Some other questions to consider:

    What did you learn about art from this artist?
    What did you learn about yourself and how you think?
    Did it affirm your beliefs or challenge them?
    What did I learn about being an artist in the world today? / the life of an artist in the world today?
    What did I learn about art as a practice?
    What did I learn about the relationship between art and life?
    In what ways, if any, did this lecture speak to my life/interests/beliefs/etc…?

If it helps to get the personal tone going, you can write it in the form of a letter to me or someone else.


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