It’s a group assignment. Just answer the first two question in the Doc “Finance 6016 assignment 1″. For the first question, be sure answer the question with subtitle like what is bid, ask spread?; What bid ask spread’s influence to the market order?; What bid ask spread’s influence to the limit order?

Please fully use the pic that i uploaded. You can answer the question base on that.

Format – It is preffered if you answer the questions individually, not in essay format. Ie answer



3. etc

Referencing – you do not need to reference any external literature. If you find it helpful, please feel free to do so.

Page limit I do not want any appendices. .

Trading data – You should incorporate trading data where you see fit – if this is only in one of the questions, fine. If it is in all of them, this is also ok. Only include it where you believe it is relevant or improves your argument.

Spacing: Single. Font size: 11pt.


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