Answer in essay format. Point form is not allowed. The answers must be typed, double spaced with one inch margins and be in 12 point font (Times New Roman). Draw on the concepts, theories and examples covered in lectures, guest lectures, course readings, seminar presentations and class discussions to help answer your questions. Start each question on a new page and clearly indicate which questions you are answering. Use subheadings to help structure your essays. Please do not discuss this exam with your classmates. Questions have multiple parts so be sure to answer all parts.
Each answer in Parts A and B should not be longer than one page. You will be required to include a reference page at the end of each answer in Parts C and D in APA format. At a minimum you will need to include three academic references (e.g. academinc journal articles) for each essay in Parts C and D. The references may come from the TOUR 3P95 reading list posted on Sakai. Websites (other than e-journals) are in addition to the academinc three references. Each answer in Parts C and D should not be longer than 2 pages (this does not include the reference page).


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