Critics of TKM argue that the novel’s portrayal of racism only serves as a vehicle to explore Scout and Jem’s moral development. In other words, the book is more about Scout and Jem than it is about Tom Robinson and the racism that people of color in the community face. Challenge this idea. Make use of rhetorical strategies (purposeful use of rhetorical triangle) Demonstrates understanding of claims, reasons, evidence, concession, rebuttal, and proposals References the text and other sources to argue a stance on a topic related to TKM

Length: 2-3 double spaced, typed pages. Font size 12. Writer makes use of rhetorical strategies from each side of the triangle (appeals to ethos, pathos, and logos) at least once in their argument

Writer references TKM and at least TWO other sources in their argument.

Body paragraphs use at least TWO pieces of evidence and connect evidence to their reason and central claim.

The concession and rebuttal acknowledge something that is reasonable to agree with on the other side of the argument.


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