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The state of criticality in Art and Culture
Victoria Beckham is now an art curator who collaborates with Sotheby’s (she put together a collection of masters paintings for auctioning); the art critic is dead (and has been for a while, we have been told); meanwhile, in Australia, university administrators are looking for “creative” ways of closing down art departments as they force the technology/science model into the humanities. Even architecture, as a cultural endeavour, seems to be under threat of the science and technology template of research and enquiry. The fusion of art and entertainment has lost its Warholian edge. The strong current of anti-intellectualism is setting the tone in cultural institutions too worried about losing their sources of public funding if they are unable to attract audiences. Universities seem equally anxious about their numbers. Artists have been forced to refashion themselves as entrepreneurs, sometimes against their own will. Is that the unavoidable path? Are there any effective ways to resist the algorithmical assassination of culture? This lecture will explore the responses to this gradual catastrophe from the fringes of culture which refuse to die.


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