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1.  Compare and contrast the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution. In doing so, consider what economic, political, constitutional, historical and social factors shaped the development and implementation of each document.  Additionally, consider the argument that has often been made that the Constitution was an attempt to reign in the radicalism associated with the American Revolution and the Declaration of Independence. Make sure you provide specifics from both documents. Finally, in your discussion of these documents, consider how each reflected the British heritage and experiences as well as the colonial experiences we have discussed to date.


2. Discuss the diverging political and economic philosophies of Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton.  How did these different viewpoints influence early United States’ domestic and foreign policy?  Which Founding Father do you believe had the greatest impact in shaping our nation’s history?  Why?  Make sure you support your opinion with historical evidence.


Discuss Clay’s American System. Was it an outgrowth of Alexander Hamilton’s policies? or shifts in Jeffersonian and Madisonian ideology ? or a combination of the two? Also, consider in your essay its success and any challenges it created.

Instructions:  The short essay will include references to the readings from the textbook, 1 relevant primary document from your textbook or any provided by instructor as well as content modules or relevant Powerpoint. You are also encouraged to consider information discussed in the Eric Foner’s videos.  The short essay should be 650-750 words (post word count at the bottom of the page). It will be evaluated on research, understanding of the material, and writing skills (syntax, grammar, organization, etc). Also, students must cite all information borrowed from any of the above listed sources. If a student does not cite her/his sources, she/he is plagiarizing and, consequently, will receive 0 credit for the assignment. Students are not to use research sources beyond those assigned for this class, thus, doing so will result in a significant reduction in points. Cite all information borrowed throughout the essay in parenthetical format as well as include a works cited page.


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