Word count-2000 words MAXIMUM.  Marked holistically.

Critically discuss the extent to which the recent quota voting changes at the IMF represent a ‘reformed’ IMF.  You should include in your response an overview of the IMF and approaches to overseeing the international monetary system from its inception to the present time.
As background, member country’s quota determines its maximum financial commitment to the Fund voting power, and access to financing. Changes came into force in 2016 after ‘foot dragging’ by USA since 2010. You should research extensively the IMF and critically discuss the extent to which the IMF has fundamentally changed in terms of the neo-liberal agenda of past decades.  You should use cited evidence to support your arguments.

Please follow the instructions in the Doc. I uploaded..
Complete reading 3 acticals that stated in the Doc.
At least 15 refrences (try using webside/ebook as refrencing)


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