Write a 300 words creative thinking, opinion and self-interrogation regarding Architecture about the two documents.

The cultural wars of the 1980s and 90s gave way to an even more contentious debate around the centrality of the humanities themselves, when the very future of mankind is threatened by the very technological tools that a century ago were promising emancipation and progress. The conversations around Climate Change and the Anthropocene / Post-Anthropocene / Post-humanist discourses in philosophy and beyond are reshaping current disciplinary boundaries and promoting new fields and mergers between “old” fields (Rosi Braidotti). The lecture will discuss initial architectural approximations to these shifts in Philosophy and will scrutinize the questions that seem to be left behind when a consensus around the impending collapse of civilization takes the role of a new hegemonic discourse. If we are dying, for instance, who is dying first? And most importantly, who is deciding it? (Yuval Noah Harari).


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