The 500 words long text should be a combination of research as well as your own conclusions and observations about the Armory Show this year that will take place between March 8th and 11th at Pier 92 & 94. After providing a short description of the fair, choose two additional topics to explore. The list below contains a few ideas, but it is not exhaustive—feel free to follow other paths of inquiries prompted by your visit.

1.geographical representation of galleries and the larger trends you noticed reception—how did the press promote and receive the fair?
3.the atmosphere of the fair—social interactions, audience, demographics do you assess the balance between well-known and lesser-known artists? do you account for the presence of artists of different geographical regions?
7.what were the topics, media, and materials that appeared prevalent? media—its presence and importance in the organization of the fair
surprises—works or galleries whose presence or absence you noticed


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