Please watch the two TED talks I posted under “FILM” on “Algorithms and Geography” and “Dystopia and Ads.”  Combining these short videos with at least one of our readings in the section on “The Creation of Desire in Advertising,” please discuss the dangers of dark posting and self-perpetuating algorithms in terms of advertisement (hint: something to do with informed debate and democratic discussion).  Do not forget to make specific reference to an ethical model and its relevance to your reflection.  Refer to the syllabus under “reflections” for specific formatting and generic directions.  Also, please note that in making reference to the TED talks you are to cite the speakers by name and the full title of the talk.

-Take an informed position on the Case Study and write down that position in class. By “informed” I mean that you should use the language of the Textbook.
-The response should be between 3-4 average sized paragraphs (a page or so).


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