Write a 300 words creative thinking, opinion and self-interrogation regarding Architecture and the two attached document + the lecture.

Two conflictive messages regarding the digital shifts of the last decades seem to
be struggling to dominate the wider public’s consciousness. In the one hand, the
possibility of achieving never-seen-before levels of precision, and the promise of
control over failure, is displayed in choreographies of governance, financial
operations, budget analysis and even voting participation. On the other, these
very paradises of digital certitude are the background and foreground of a
generous segment of today’s entertainment offers depicting future dystopias.
These anxieties are not new — as a matter of fact, older literary vehicles have
been resuscitated and rebranded as TV series for contemporary audiences —,
neither are they the mere leftovers of reactionary forces against technological
“unavoidable” development, as many like to portray. The discipline of
architecture has had a historical role proselytizing the virtues of technological
progress, yet it also has produced consistent evidence of its dangers and
shortcomings. This lecture will revisit the tensions between technophilia and
technophobia, which find in the realm of architectural representation one of its
most violent battlegrounds.


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