Sections to cover 1.Doing Business in Tanzania 2.Related & Supporting Industries(Example paper in file attached)

Topic: Setting up/expanding 4G infrastructure in Tanzania(specifically in Bagamoyo).
-Investing in Tigo
-Expanding their 4G infrastructure in Bagamoyo
-Chose Bagamoyo bc it is a special economics zone, growing population and investments
-Chose Tanzania in general bc of political stability and the influence from the Belt & Road initiative more funds are coming into Tanzania
-a recommendation for Tigo is to possibly use Huawei’s infrastructure, but need to keep and eye on Huawei as US pres. threaten to ban business with them, however EU is not and is just keeping a close eye on them.
-More general info on the project in the file attached

Bagamoyo-Pwani Region

Please include some scholarly articles/sources.


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