answer 4 out of the following 7 questions and write 4 formal, mini essays.
remember, these questions test your knowledge of the information in the course readings, you may use additional course readings to support what you say.

1. Why is condo development a problem in the urban transformation of Toronto, in Rosen and Walks?
2. Berman defines modernism as a condition of “struggle and contradiction.” Why?
3. What is neighbourhood planning in Silver, and how has it affected the development of
the city?
4. Explain why Burnett thinks the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, British Columbia, is
a site of rapid gentrification, and identify the consequences of the process.
5. What is “the paradox of public space” in Zukin’s chapter on Union Square?
6. Why do Sheller and Urry think “[m]obility is the enemy of civility”?
7. What is the “the Urban Crisis of Affluence” in Baker?


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