Here is the instruction:
Complete Lesson 12 and then respond to the questions below by uploading a word document. For full credit, you must find and use additional reliable sources to back-up your answers. Include any works cited at the end of your post.  Be sure to paraphrase or summarize your sources.

1. What are three benefits of consuming alcohol?

2. What are three risks of consuming alcohol?

3. Aside from abstaining from alcohol entirely, how can some of the potential risks associated with drinking alcohol be avoided? Explain your answer and cite any relaible sources you used to develop that answer.

4. Do you think the risks of alcohol consumption are different for you and your peers as opposed to the general population? Explain your answer and cite any reliable sources you use to develop that answer.

Minimum of 3 pages (not including reference page), 12 point font, Times New Roman, and 1″ margins.


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