You will be using the narrative game that you updated with your group in class this week.  You will play it and then write a post-mortem on the overall experience.  Write this using Google Doc.

Step 1

As a group, do a final long-play (that means to play it start to finish) of your game.  After you have played it, take notes on your personal experience.

Step 2

Write a post-mortem (sometimes called a retrospective) about the development and success of your game.  Keep it positive and forward thinking.  Answer the following three questions.

-What went well?

-What would you change if you had to do it over again?

-Where do you go from here?

Talk also about your final play experience with the game and what your thought of the product were.

This must be a minimum of 500 words.

Step 3

Follow the Submission Guidelines page to turn in your assignment.

Rubrics & Evaluation
This assignment totals 25 pts. It is graded as follows:

10 pts – Structure: Paper should be readable, free of grammatical errors, and includes citations and/or links when necessary.

10 pts – Application: Author answers the three questions, and makes sure to talk about their own play experience.  They are able to identify successes, as well as areas for improvement.  They demonstrate the ability to plan for the future.

5 pts – Positivity: Author keeps the post-mortem positive.  While critical analysis is important, they recognize that devolving into name calling, and/or pointing fingers hinders progress, and so they focused on their own journey, and places they can improve.


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