T4 W8 D1 R2

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T4 W8 D1 R2

What I learned from this course

The thing that has been the most impactful to my understanding of nurse politics, policies, and procedures is the legislative process. For my particular state here in North Carolina it is clear the influence of 4 big medical schools Duke, UNC, ECU, Wake Forrest, has created a pro medical environment. The fact that Medical Doctors (MD’s) get on average $1000 a month from Nurse Practitioners (NP) is where the problem begins besides having a much bigger funding account for lobbying. Another example, Sen. Hise. “Allowing these nurses to practice to the top of their training will give thousands of North Carolinians faster access to healthcare and drive down costs to the tune of half a billion dollars per year or more.” (NCNA, 2019). The next hurdle is simply the fact that legislative process shows the at various levels a bill can stall. The nurse association has the verbal commitments for votes but the House Speaker is rumored to be influenced by out of state interests. The facts have certainly swayed the congressmen/women to hear the NP’s cause so it is certainly worth while continuing to talk about our success toe to toe with MD’s.  In my opinion, the grassroots effort takes many years to take hold but now North Carolina is standing on the shoulders of the success from 22 other states.  I believe a public push to show state citizens one person is holding up progress via the Speaker of the House could make the change needed. I have truly enjoyed learning this process and believe NC will make history very soon and without this class I would not have taken the time to learn these things.

North Carolina Nurses Association, 2019, retrieved from: https://ncnurses.org/about-ncna/latest-news/nc-  legislators-introduce-bipartisan-save-act/


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