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Discussion Question – From Grassroots to Policy
            Patient care and safety is the focus of all healthcare organizations.  When patient satisfaction, safety and care are suffering, leadership has to step in and analyze what is happening.  Once the leadership can identify the problem they must decide on options and ways to find the best solution (Patton et al., 2019). 
            The facility I currently work at had very low patient satisfaction scores, high fall rates and poor care ratings.  The leadership saw a trend with patient call lights being unanswered for long periods of time.  They came up with a solution to fix the problem and implemented a new hospital wide policy called “No Pass Zone.”  With this new policy every employee of the hospital from volunteers to the CEO were expected to answer a call light.  If you were walking down the hallway headed to a meeting and there was a light on, you have to stop and go into the patient’s room and tend to their needs.  If the patient is requesting something out of your scope you are to find someone immediately that can tend to their needs.  This policy was implemented about five years ago.  At the early stages people were reluctant to do as they were asked.  Once the leadership started threatening write ups and termination if this policy was violated, it was followed almost 100% of the time. 
            The policy implementation was a success and the hospital saw increase in patient safety scores, lower fall rates and higher care scores.  The patients were overall happier.  The hospital followed the three steps once they saw the window of opportunity.  They defined the problem, they saw the realistic policy solutions and had the political motivation to make the change (Patton et al., 2019).

Patton, R., Zalon, M., and Ludwick, R.  (2019).  Nurses making policy from bedside to
        boardroom, 2e.  Kindle Edition.


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