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Discussion Question – From Grassroots to Policy
There have been many times in the health care field where reconstructing new and better methods of caring for patients has been needed and warranted. Grass-roots, defined by, is “The most basic level of something, down there in the dirt with the roots of an idea or activity. If you are looking to make a change from the ground up, start at the roots. Grassroots(n.d.).retrieved from new programs that look to improve from the old policy or practice has begun with grass root level of change. Grass root movements have been started with the public interest and community activism and organized to promote political agendas with goals to change the fabric of a social pattern that has been perceived as unjust or failing to meet certain needs of a society that change is demanded. Historically there have been many grass-root changes that were very significant for our society like women’s rights, slavery, and education reform. In an article, in the country of India, Grass root change is organizing and trying to make a difference for the poorly trained health care system in that country.”The opportunities for the professional education of the grass-root level health care worker is grossly inadequate”(Adkoli,p.38). The grass-roots movement is promoting training programs for allied health care members working in their hospitals. The grass-root movement is pushing for change for better management of sterilization and infection controls, improved waste management. grass-root interests are for the development of universal precautions procedures, improved biological waste management, the development of improved public health awareness toward improving lifestyle, healthy nutrition, fire safety procedures, improved communication skills(Adkoli,2014). The grass-root change is starting with the education, and they look to improve the continuing education and programs in colleges for the 50,000 people attending their colleges. The biggest concern is the safety of the patients cared for in their hospitals. Training of their health care workers has started with education on personal protective equipment. The results are promising and have started to make a difference for the patients in the hospitals and the health care workers, and the article states more work is still to come.

Deepak, K. K., Kumar, Y., & Adkoli, B. V. (2014). Extending Professional Education to Health Workers at Grass-Root Level: An Experience from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. Indian Journal of Community Medicine, 39(1), 38–42.


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