As we discussed in class, you are to write a term paper about one of the six topics (see them below). When writing, remember to not just limit yourself to answering the questions I pose in the descriptions of the topic. Those are there as thought-starters. It is up to you to choose the topic in which you have interest, do the research, choose your logical path of argument, and then defend your argument.


Four pages
12 pt. Calibri and 1.5 line spacing
8.5 x 11 document size
1.5 top of page
1” on sides and bottom
Page number all pages, name on each page
Will submit through Canvas.
Due no later than midnight, Tuesday, November 26 (can’t be late)

Have a point of view.
Have a beginning, middle and end.
Use sources, examples, samples and/or proof points to make your argument.
No typos
THE SIX TOPICS  (Choose the topic you are most interested in writing about)

The Effects of gender on the success of advertisements. Investigate the role that different genders have on why certain types of advertising is presented in different ways. Does target gender affect how an advertising campaign is put together? Does it affect the overall success of an advertising campaign? Does gender influence how ads are put together? Does it influence research or creative? Does it influence media planning?  Is it advisable – or necessary – for advertisers to tailor their campaigns so that they reach the maximum number of the targeted audience?

The impact advertising has on child behavior. Are children affected by different types of advertising? Do children who have been exposed to advertising about things such as violence, sex, tobacco, and alcohol behave differently? Are they more likely to get in trouble in one or more of these areas? Do current examples exist? Does existing contemporary research exist? What role does the ad industry play in this, good or bad? Does advertising have a responsibility in addressing this issue? If so, how?

The impact good or bad product quality and good or bad advertising. Evaluate the success of product advertising based on two factors; the quality of the product and the quality of the advertising. Is the success of products based more on the advertising type and style used to promote the product, or the product itself? For instance, can good advertising lead to high consumption of a product even when the product is of low quality? Can bad advertising cause a good product to fail? This could include study of the different advertising styles, techniques and media commonly used to advertise different products. Some companies or products tend to use predictable approaches to promoting different products. Use examples where possible.

The effect of social media and Internet advertising on the success of a brand. Discuss advertising before the emergence of the Internet and, additionally, the types of changes in the advertising industry brought about by the Internet and Social media. How have those changes affected the practice and success of advertising? Are some social media advertising channels more appropriate for advertising products, or for establishing a brand? Has the emergence of social media and Internet advertising adversely affected some brands, or made it more difficult to advertise them?

The impact of different types of advertising appeals. Examine the use of different types of appeals that advertising can use. Appeals used in advertising are designed to influence why someone thinks a product may be good for them. For instance, FEAR as an appeal could be demonstrated in an ad for a home security system by showing what could happen if your home isn’t protected by a security system, where a SCARCITY appeal might try to get consumers to act quickly by advertising a limited time only (LTO) offer. How many different types of appeals are there? What kinds of products are advertised using which types of appeals? What type of customer is more prone to be attracted to certain types of appeals?  These and other questions could form the basis of a thorough examination of advertising built around appeals.

Investigate different types of stereotypes in advertising. Examine the use of different types of stereotypes that can be seen in advertising. Is there such a thing as a good stereotype? Are they all bad? Examine the types of stereotypes in use in advertising. Are there products or services more prone to depicting stereotypes? Which types of advertising is more harmful, and why? Can stereotypes be used to make advertising more effective? Examine these and other topics.


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