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please respond positively to this discussion post: Surgical site infections represent an opportunity for improvement across the nation.  Today healthcare providers are faced with ever-increasing resistant organisms and increased healthcare cost.  In recent years there has been an increase in the number of procedures performed in an outpatient setting shifting the focus from an inpatient setting to an outpatient setting.  Spruce (2016) stated that “Surgical site infections are the second most common hospital-acquired infection resulting in increased costs, readmission rates, and lengths of stay representing an annual direct cost from “$28.4 billion to $45 billion” (p. 13).

            Whenever undertaking initiatives, an evaluation of the overall cost of the project must be considered.  Costs associated with a project may include supplies, new equipment, and staff time.  Costs are initiated at the beginning of the project regarding staff time as folks come together to discuss initiatives.  Costs technically do not end, as supplies, equipment, and time is utilized throughout implementation and evaluation.  Today many staff in the healthcare institutions is salaried and is expected or required to participate in multiple performances improvement initiatives.  Involving bedside staff in all projects is critical to success.  Providing hourly bedside staff with education or training takes time away from bedside care and decreases productive work hours.

            Raveis (2014) stated that bedside staff provides relevant and real-time time feedback to help guide and redirect measures to aid interventions and provide practical guidance, showcasing and highlighting barriers and drivers.  As an hourly employee, the bedside staff’s paid time would include any time she puts into the initiative.  The administration must verbally and financially support the efforts of all staff involved in improvements.  Leadership must support the overtime needed for the hourly staff to receive and participate in training or performance improvement initiatives.


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