All the instructions are attached below and in the files. The key policies and principles and procedures etc should be strictly follow the contents of pdf files that attached. The report should includes the very brief introduction and conclusion, and should mainly focus on the body part that introduced in the outline.

This is an individual case assignment / take home exam and as such you are not to collaborate with anyone about the assignment or your response once the assignment is released. Collaboration will be considered cheating and has serious consequences.
Kevin Johnson, Starbucks’ CEO, has hired you as a strategic management consultant and asked you to prepare a report for him that focuses on the following items:
•    Identify the key policies, practices, business principles, and procedures that underlie the implementation and execution of Starbucks’ strategy;
•    Conduct an analysis and evaluation of Starbucks social responsibility strategy; and,
•    Identify the key issues confronting the company as of mid-2018.
Prepare a (3-4 page) report focusing on the items above and detailing what the company is doing right, any problem areas that you see, any areas for further improvement and your recommendations for sustaining growth and improving overall strategic performance in the years ahead.


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