Strategic Case for Sundown Bakery

1. READ chapters 1 & 2 in the text book.  Then read the Strategic Case provided on pages 2 & 3 of your text (these pages are located right in front of Chapter 1).   

Then think as if you were a consultant brought in to help Sundown Bakery.  What would you do/recommend to the staff and owners? (e.g., dealing with communication channels, preparing and delivering the message, improving morale, resolving the issues, etc.)  Provide thoughtful and creative responses that effectively address the issues revealed in this case study.  You can also incorporate recommendations from the text book, but be sure to cite the source of the content to distinguish between your opinions/experience and what the authors state. 


You must provide your own recommendations based upon your own experience and perspective as well as the advice given by the authors in the respective chapters. 

2. THINK about your answers to the questions provided by the instructor’s questions (be creative and helpful for this business).
3. WRITE your responses to these questions in the message box. 
a.    Base your comments from the corresponding chapters in the text book.  You should also include your personal observations and/or experiences to show that you understand the questions and can help the situation to be resolved. 
             b.    Proofread your responses to ensure that you effectively answer the questions.  
c.    Also, be sure to check your punctuation, spelling, grammar and usage, sentence and paragraph structure, etc. 
Hastily or poorly written or text-messaged responses will not be accepted for grading. Keep in mind that you should write in a way that shows some insight, creativity, and logical thinking.

REMINDER:  Do not restate the content in this strategic case.


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