The history of the building: when / why it was first built?
Innovations in design: is there something new or different in the design of this structure?
Symbolism: Architecture relating to ritual and religion are often decorated with images relating to the ideas their faith, sometimes it is part of the buildings design. Explain this symbolism in your paper.
The text of your paper begins at the top of the second page. You do NOT repeat your name and class info here, even if  you use MLA style.The text of your paper is at least2.5 pages of text. The first paragraph introduces the subject and thesis.Please follow standard college paper formatting: 12-point font in Times, Times New Roman or Helvetica1 inch marginsDouble spacedNOTE: Footnotes are 10 point size in the same  font face & single spacedThe paper should be at least 2 ½ pages in order to receive full credit.You must use at least 3 sources, beyond the lecture notes or sources provided by the lecturesNo more than 35% of your paper is citations.Factual material (dates, locations, names) do not need citations. Any informed opinions, descriptions, analysis or arguable facts absolutely require citations. Whether use rephrase them in your own words or ”copy and paste” a direct quote.The final page is  your Bibliography orWorks CitedList your sources ( at least three) in MLA or Chicago Manual of StylePlease follow this format for your paper


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