¥    Papers should be at least 5 WHOLE pages.

¥    You should use at least EIGHT EMPIRICAL sources – research articles in peer-reviewed journals.

¥    Your outline page must include:

¥    1. Name, Section, Date

¥    2. Debate Topic: Spanking (pro)
¥    3. Thesis statement: Your position (pro) AND the opposing position

¥    4. Major points/arguments indicated by the correct alphanumeric heading (see below)
¥    5. Support for your major points using this correct alphanumeric heading.

¥    Formatting: The most common type of outline, usually instantly recognizable to most people, is formatting using the following characters IN THIS ORDER:
Roman Numerals (Thesis Statement) Capitalized Letters (Major Point)
Arabic Numerals (Supporting details)
Lowercase Letters (Details about supporting details)
If the outline needs to subdivide beyond these divisions, use Arabic numerals inside parentheses and then lowercase letters inside parentheses.

¥    Your main points do not have to be in complete sentences, however, your supporting details should be. The better you are able to understand the information, the better you will be able to relay it to the rest of us!

¥    Spanking
¥    Is spanking an appropriate disciplinary technique? What are other similar techniques? Do they work? What are alternatives? Why are they better/worse?

¥    DO NOT PLAGIARIZE! This outline should be in YOUR OWN WORDS. The easiest way to do accomplish this is to read the information from your source, put it away, and write down your thoughts about it. Use of quotes in this assignment will result in the deduction of point points.
Assignment Checklist:

              Margins should be set to “narrow” (1/2” all around the page)

              Font is all the same: 12 point, Times New Roman – single line spaced

              References page, in APA format, is on a separate page

              Arguments on BOTH sides of the debate are included

              Attach: Group Evaluation

Don’t pay attention to the last page (page 4) of the attached PDF instructions.


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