We discussed about social media impacts on political and business/organizational communication in this class. We also talked about social media impacts on culture and economy. You will conduct secondary research in academic journal database and write a literature review paper on one of these issues. This assignment requires you to review the literature on social media in electronic database. You have to find at least 3 journal articles which discuss a particular theory or issue about social media. Summarize these three articles and write a critical literature review research paper. This paper should include a cover page, an abstract, part 1, part 2, and part 3. The abstract is a concise (not to exceed 120 words) summary of the study. A good abstract contains the research problem, the research methodology, the major findings, and the implications of the findings. Part 1 is the summary of the journal articles. Part 2 is your discussion section. In this section, you compare the findings of the articles which you summarize in part 1. Here are some questions to ask: 1. Are the findings consistent or contradictory? 2. Do the findings of these studies support the concepts/theories in the textbook? You need to apply concepts from your textbook to write the discussion section.(Textbook is attached below)
Part 3 is the conclusion section. Please identify current social media research issues. Identify the limitations of the studies which you reviewed, and then provide suggestions for future studies. Please use headings for each part in order to present your work in an organized way.
Your paper must have in-text citations and at least 4 references (your textbook and 3 articles). Some sample topics are:
Social Media Marketing Theories and Practices
Organizational Use of Social Media Marketing (e.g., B2C vs. B2B vs. NP Organizations)
Consumer Behaviors in Social Media
Social Media Impacts on Organizational Behaviors/Culture
Gender Differences in Social Media Use
Cultural Differences in Social Media Use
Electronic Word of Mouth (eWOM) in Social Media
Cultural Differences in eWOM in Social Media
Social Media and Public Relations
Social Media and Mobile Marketing
You may explore other topics which are not listed above. You may refer to your textbook to find a relevant topic. You are expected to cite scholarly sources from scholarly journals.  You must use APA style.


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