1. Describe in your own words the idea of “Social Determinants of Health.” (5 points)

2. If you are asked to use this idea or model to develop a program to deal with the problem of homelessness in the Seattle area. What will be the major components of your program and the rationale behind them? (10 points)

3.To what extent do you feel this model is effective in mitigating the problem of homelessness and what else, in your opinion, would need to be done? (5 points)

4. Use at least three outside sources to support your points and use ASA citation format to cite sources.

Other Guidelines:

1. Total length (main body excluding cover page and reference) should be at least 900 words and the length of your response to each question should proportionate to the points allocated.
2. Indicate word count at the end of the essay.


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