Argumentative Essay

Topic: Should universal basic income be encouraged, regulated or banned?

Research Components and sources
Credible sources from library database
Works cited page should list 5 sources from the library database.

Argument Components
•    Debatable Claim – Your main point of the essay is to answer the question asked in your choice of topics.
•    Logos, Ethos, Pathos – Use logic (analogies, metaphors, syllogisms), use credible sources/expert testimony, and use a plea to emotion (an image) to help structure your argument.
•    Counter Argument/Warrants – What objections do you think your audience will have to your argument? How will you overcome those objections while respecting the opposition’s concerns.
•    Sources – Use your sources to prove your argument and to provide evidence proving those objections wrong.

The purpose of this essay is to explore a research topic that concerns social and digital media, identity, or technology. These issues will become more and more important in the next twenty years. Social media has proven to have a powerful effect on our lives, and we have yet to determine all of the effects that technology has on our sense of self. This essay will require a large amount of reading in order to craft a reasoned, well-researched document. 

Professor is your audience. Your peers will read your rough draft. Do not use you in this essay. Use the I or the third person when editing and revising the essay.

The design of this final draft should be MLA formatted.There should be at least one image in the final draft. The image or images need a citation. The final draft should be 5 pages.


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