This discussion question focuses primarily on the material covered in chapters 3 and 4.

This is Qualitative Research

1) What type of theoretical conception of interviews (Ch 3) are you most drawn to? Why? Please be detailed in your answer.

2) Provide an RQ (primary research question that is a single sentence that guides your overall project). How does your RQ relate to your answer in #1, above?

3) What theoretical perspective are you most drawn to in answering your RQ? Make sure your RQ is worded in a manner consistent with this theoretical perspective. Table 4.1 will be useful here.

4)What types of interviews will you do? Individual interview (and which structure) or group interviews (which type)? Why? Provide a sufficient justification.

5) What type of sampling will you use? Provide sufficient justification.

6) Referring back to your answer in #1, above, how will you assure quality in your interview? (Ch 4 will be helpful here).


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