Early this semester, you did the “Where Intercultural Communication Happens” assignment in which you observed a place where you thought intercultural communication happens.

Thinking about all of the material you’ve learned since then, from language to consciousness structures, to time, to space, to the various systems of classifying cultures and even the ways we conduct studies, I want you to think about what you missed the first time [Hint: Don’t say, “I got it right.” You didn’t. Even if you didn’t make any errors, you missed things that were there.], and I want you to add to your first entry, which you saved as a Word Document.  You should make your additions in italics so I know what’s old and what’s new, and you’ll save it and then copy it into the box here. 
Your answer should be about 2 pages in length (the original 1 page and 1 more page of additions) and should be written only after you’ve spent time thinking this through. Save your answer in Word but do not upload the file here; copy and paste it instead.

The original paper is attached below.

Below is the comment from the professor that you might want to add into the paper.

Re-submit Assignment

It seems like you’re describing a monocultural environment, but perhaps there’s more there than meets the eye. Were all of those students from the same ethnic or national background? Were some immigrants and others US-born? What role did socioeconomics play? Were they UCD students? Perhaps they were a mixture of UCD and non-UCD? Were they all the same major? Were they all the same age? Lots here to think about.

P.S. Just pretend you are in the cafe.


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