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There are arguments in favor for and against for-profit health care structure sustainability in the long term. The answer to financial sustainable health care is found in the questions of who must pay and how? Recent changes in health care financing have proved that “reliance on out-of-pocket expenditure is not acceptable on equity and financial protection grounds” (Liaropoulos & Goranitis, 2015, p. 3). In addition, taxation is one kind of income transfer that can cover the increasing cost of health care (Liaropoulos & Goranitis, 2015). A combination of aging societies, technology advances, and globalization have put a strain on financial sustainability (Liaropoulos & Goranitis, 2015). A general taxation can boost economic growth through increased competition, and achieve equity, financial protection, quality, and responsiveness during economic recessions (Liaropoulos & Goranitis, 2015).

Because of past scandals and scrutiny, for-profit health care structures are now actually held to a higher standard (Meyer, 2016). However, for-profit health care structures may not be sustainable in the long term as private shareholders and venture capital are less likely to support the health care business since there have been significant changes in operating requirements and reductions in return on capital (Meyer, 2016). Overall, however, for-profit health care systems have remained sustainable and benefited not-for-profit competitors by improving their management systems (Meyer, 2016). Regardles of the health care structure, each organization should make patient safety, clinical outcomes, and patient experiences their number one priority (Liaropoulos & Goranitis, 2015; Meyer, 2016). By making these priorities, for-profit health care structures can take their first step toward sustainability in the long term.


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