After reading the short story “The Pomegranate Lady and Her Sons,” by Goli Taraghi. ( It can be found in magazine “Words without Borders.”)  Write a research paper about the village the old women is from in Iran.  The village is Yazd. The paper is informal and can be written in first person.Give information about the culture and beliefs and lifestyles location etc..and how it relates to the mentality the mother had about her sons leaving to live in sweden.  Also tie in the benefits of Pomegranate and why it was important part of this story. Has to be 20% or less quotes taken from sources but mainly in your own words.  Why it interests you and in conclusion write what you learned and how the research helped give you a better understanding. Must get info from at least 4 works, books  or articles.  MUST have correctly documented MLA format work cited page as well as correctly used quotations and work cited throughout paper.


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