attached is detailed grading rubric(must follow), example of outline format, and my annotated bibliography- use only sources in the annotated bibliography
content must be 5 pages not including the provided bibliography
Your research paper must contain all the following information:
1. Discuss when and why the RTAs were created.
2. Provide a list of the nations involved in the RTAs.
3. Discuss details associated with the application process in which each nation must engage to be considered for membership.
4. Describe and discuss the qualifications that nations need to meet to join the RTA.
5. Discuss the different types of memberships nation may hold within the RTAs.
6. Discuss why a nation’s membership may be rejected and what it can do to be reconsidered.
7. Provide an analysis of the benefits and the disadvantages of belonging to the RTAs.
8. Discuss whether the RTAs have successfully achieved their goals.
9. Determine which mitigating factors have stifled the success of the RTAs.
10. Provide insight into political, social, economic, and religious challenges that the RTAs have created. Recommend solutions to alleviate those issues.

Example of Standard Outline
With a standard outline format, you should always begin with Roman numerals, followed by capital letters, numbers, and lower case letters. You should always have more than 1 main point, meaning there must be (at least) a roman numeral I and a roman numeral II; in other words, you cannot just have a roman numeral I. Also, if you have 1 sub point (like “A”), you must have at least 1 other sub point (which would be “B”). The same applies to sub-sub points (“1”) and sub-sub-sub points (“a”), etc… See below for clarification:


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