So the subject is Organizational Best Practices
This is a Case Study Analysis; Part C Reflective Journal
I’ve added some files on benchmarking. On which this reflective journal should be based around.
Reference should be APA 6th.

You will write a reflective essay focused on the relevance of what you have learnt through this subject. This essay should include your personal reflections upon how you view the importance of continuous improvement for long-term business sustainability and how you believe the tools and methods available may be best utilised as a business analyst and understood by executive management. In writing this reflective journal you should draw on the learning resources provided during the subject, further readings you have undertaken as part of your own research, your previous assessments, the formative exercises conducted in class and/or online, and your personal experiences and opinions formed in relation to this topic. The reflective Journal should critically review the topic at the highest level, which means reflecting upon the importance of best practice and continuous improvement to business sustainability rather than upon the effectiveness of any particular approach or tool. You should also reflect upon their relevance to a range of business types, including corporate, B-Corporation, not-for-profit, and public sector enterprises.

Output/deliverables and parameters of the assessment:
Your reflective journal may take a variety of forms but must be within the word limit and include:
1. Introduction
2. Reflections on Modules 1 through to Modules 6
 How is best practice defined and established within an organisation?
 What is the value of continuous improvement?
 Is best practice equally valid and valuable to all business types?
3. Reflections on your Assessments and experiences
 What have you learned about applying tools for benchmarking?
 How will you use this understanding in the remainder your future career?
4. Conclusion
5. References
You will be assessed against the learning rubric below and your level of insight and application of knowledge from Modules 1 through to 6. It is limited to a word count of 1000 words excluding the cover page.


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