This assignment provides you with an opportunity to reflect on the work you have done and the progress you have made in this course. Write a Reflection Paper of 3–5 pages in length about your most “significant findings” or revelations as well as how you will use those new findings to make informed business decisions.
Your reflection must also include discussion of key principles, concepts, or ideas introduced in course discussions as well as in the assigned Reading & Study. Make clear connections between what you learned from the reading assignments/course discussions and your professional experiences. Discuss implications derived from pondering the connections between related reading assignments, your professional experiences, and KSAs for operating a successful import/export business.
Include reference to at least 3 readings (external sources) other than those assigned from the course textbook. The reflection must also integrate discussion about faith and learning by relating findings being discussed to scriptural/biblical principles and experience
**attached is grading rubric and some of my assignment i have completed throughout this course as reference if needed


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