Assignment: Journal Summary
This week, you will turn in your Reflection Journal Summary.

Drawing on material from the course Discussions, readings, Assignments, and your journal, compose a 1- to 2-page reflective summary. Include any relevant citations when discussing a specific concept, idea, or quote, even if you have taken this idea from your personal journal.

Your Program Management Reflection Journal is intended to be an important part of the learning journey while you are in this program. Your journal will serve both as a platform for insight and as a personal space for reflecting and developing self-awareness in all matters relevant to you as a leader. As such, you may keep the journal itself in electronic form or as a handwritten journal. You will not turn in your journal as part of a formal assignment; however, you will be asked to follow the requirements listed in the following paragraphs when maintaining the journal and you will be required to submit a formal summary of what has “struck” you at the conclusion of each course.

You will make weekly entries into your journal, using a critically reflexive, journaling-style writing method that describes what you have practiced throughout this course. Your journal entries should help you grapple with concepts and challenges you face during the course. Include any project management-related issues that are timely and relevant to your life. There is no quantity requirement—only quality journal entries are important.

At the end of Week 8, you will be required to submit a formal summary describing the elements that have “struck” you during your coursework. This reflective summary should draw on the course Discussions and readings, and it can include excerpts from your journal.



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