Assignment brief: This assignment is designed to give you practice in researching and reading academic sources, referencing and using evidence in your writing.

Question: Why do individual investors not use accounting information when they make stock trading decisions?

three sources:
o the Blankespoor et al. (2019) article available on the Wattle site;
o an online source that is not a journal article (e.g. a report or an online magazine article);
o one other source (a book, book chapter, another journal article, or a different online source).

Financial accounting provides useful information for investors in trading stocks. However, investors may not always use this information.

• All sources must be correctly cited with in-text citations using the Harvard style.
• You must include at least one quote from one of the sources that you found.
• You must include a correctly formatted reference list with all three sources, using the
Harvard style


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