I want you to write an essay that is a self-reflexive response to the articles you have read. It is appropriate in a paper like this to use examples from your own experience or the experience of those you know to connect with ideas or theories that you read about in the articles, although it is not required. If you have a particularly strong reaction to the practices of other cultures, I encourage you to explore WHY you had such a strong reaction. Is it because the practices in these cultures are so very different from your own? I would encourage you to be aware of ethnocentrism and the possibility that you might experience ethnocentric reactions when reading about cultural practices that are quite different from your own.
Your essay should be a minimum of 500 words.
I will post a link to the article.
You must have an introduction with a clear thesis statement
You must write your essay in paragraphs with complete sentences You must cite where you have gotten your information
You must have a clear conclusion
You must include references for the sources you have used


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