Writing paper instruction:
This is the instruction of my written assignment, please read carefully and use APA style.
First, read the post question and required chapters:
Post question:
Discuss the differences between managing through information and managing with people?
When is each appropriate?
Where do they overlap?
Can you do one without the other?
Which will be more important in the future and why?
Required reading chapter: 
Mintzberg, Chapter 3
Mintzberg, H. (2009). Managing. Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc., San Francisco, CA.
Second, write 3 pages, please no definition of terms, no bullet point and cite all references. Please avoid relying heavily on definitions, try to have a discussion and not restate the given definition by the author. Be sure to have a doctoral, academic, and engaging discussion. Please use the simple English to write and answer questions. Do not use outside of source.
Thanks, so much?


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