Here is the instruction:
The goals of this project is to use what you’ve learned through doing content analysis and user research to design new content for the brand you’ve chosen.

This project will have a number of steps:

define goals, context, and audience for your chosen organization/influencer/group
research how similar organizations have conducted successful campaigns/designed content strategy (comparative analysis)
combine insights from user research, content analysis, and comparative analysis to begin to inform a new content campaigns
strategize and create mockups for campaigns
present your solution to the class
iteratively draft and revise after feedback from me and your peers
The design of this project should be a formal report outlining your campaigns in a way that would be persuasive to your chosen brand.

Project Requirements
You will design a minimum of 2 strategized content campaigns. These campaigns should build upon the current strategy while still adding improvements and new content.

Good strategized, cross-platform content campaigns will address the following areas:

Content strategy goals:

Define the main goals of the content strategy and how they relate to brand goals.

Define the audience in a way that is narrow enough to be actionable.
Competitive research:

Describe relevant elements of competitors’ successes in their strategies that will be built upon in this strategy.
Describe how this content strategy will distinguish itself from competitors’ strategies.
Internal research:

Describe how strengths/weaknesses from the content strategy analysis and from the user research report can be used to provide actionable insights for this content strategy.
Detailed descriptions of campaigns & high-fidelity mockups:

Describe the proposed campaigns in detail.
Provide information about what metadata (hashtags, other tags, video descriptions, titles, etc.) will be used to brand these campaigns.
Include instructions on the timing/frequency of how the content of these campaigns will be released.
Most importantly, include high fidelity mockups of the content in these campaigns (i.e., build realistic prototypes/examples of what the content in these campaigns will look like). These high fidelity mockups should show clearly what the content in these campaigns will be like.
Ensure that these mockups fit within the current design/aesthetic profile of the organization/influencer/group and explain how you will maintain a cohesive design.
Ensure that the voice/tone of the mockups matches the current voice/tone of the organization/influencer/group and explain how this will remain consistent.
Platforms and algorithms:

Define what platforms these campaigns will be conducted on (it should cover all existing platforms and include any new platforms you think are relevant).
Describe how the campaigns will be adapted to each platform.
Include methods for algorithmically optimizing the campaigns across the different platforms.

Provide ways to measure the success of the content strategy.
i.e., analytics, increased followers, increased engagement, changed attitudes, awareness raising etc.


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