Although this week’s lecture focused on how to plan and execute the “collect requirements” process, not everyone agrees that the project manager should be too focused on the requirements collection process. After all, many people say, the project manager’s job is to manage whatever the project requirements are within give cost and time parameters – particularly if a Business Lead or Business Analyst is available to oversee requirements collection.

What do you think? Strictly speaking, a project manager is responsible for keeping a project’s triple constraints (scope, budget, schedule) in control, regardless of what the scope of the project is. Should the project manager also act as the “collect requirements” manager, including choosing requirements collection techniques and writing requirements documentation?

To answer this question, first identify whether you believe the project manager should (or should not) be deeply involved in requirements collection. Then, explain why you believe this is so.

Reminder: A high quality post is one that explicitly links your personal opinion or experience with the course materials or other relevant outside sources using proper APA format. Both in-text citations and a reference list are required for this discussion.


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