Develop a communication plan for a small project team, and identify how it would differ from a communication plan for a medium/large project team environment (including teams stationed globally). Your communication plan should address the following list. This assignment assesses the following course learning outcomes: *CO3, *CO5

-What information will be communicated–to include the level of detail and format

-How the information will be communicated–in meetings, email, telephone, web portal, etc.

-When information will be distributed–the frequency of project communications both formal and informal

-Who is responsible for communicating project information

-Communication requirements for all project stakeholders

-How changes in communication or the communication process are managed

-The flow of project communications

-Any constraints, internal or external, which affect project communications

-An escalation process for resolving any communication-based conflicts or issues

*CO3:  Apply the functions of the project management methodologies to solve real-world problems.
*CO5:  Apply the functions of project leadership communications principles within a team setting.


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