Your paper/presentation should include:
1.    A brief explanation of the issue or challenge. 
2.    Provide no less than three examples of people, places, companies etc. who have developed innovative and creative solutions.
3.    What you think the future holds
4.    Remember to cite your work!!   
The goal of this assignment is for you to examine the literature and what is known about the area you have selected and to build on it by offering the insightful innovations you have researched.

This assignment will be graded on how well you document your paper (supported by references to the literature), how specific and concrete the examples are as well as style and grammar.

Some challenges/issues discussed in class include (choose one to write about):
1.    Workforce shortage
2.    Financing and Reimbursement – Payment Reform
3.    Affordability
4.    Competition
5.    Regulations
6.    Home and Community Base Services (HCBS)
7.    Affordable Senior Housing
8.    Technology
9.    Aging in Place
10.    Access
11.    Quality and outcomes
12.    Ethical Dilemmas


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