Selected Article: Ben Casselman’s “Shut Up About Harvard”
Write a paper in which you identify the argument an author makes and respond to that argument by determining whether or not the author provided a convincing argument and why. Was the argument effective or not? In short, if you felt the argument was effective, you will use the author’s points/evidence in support of their thesis. If you found the author’s argument was ineffective, you will do the opposite.
As always, you must use proper essay format (MLA) that is appropriate to college-level writing including, but not limited to, margins, pagination, header/title, indents, spacing, citation format, etc.
You must explain your ideas in detail in order to make a clear & complete argument. You will NOT assume your audience read your chosen essay. This paper does carry a much more clear “I Say.” However, just because you assume a clear position on a topic does not mean your explanations are clear and/or thorough enough. Therefore, maintain discipline in regards to the handling of quotes & explaining how they correlate to your thesis.
Make sure your essay is written only in the first & third-person when appropriate. Do not use second-person (“You”).
Stay away from slang or any other inappropriate or offensive language.
Follow the uploaded additional material for reference of what I least expect.


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